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Employee testimonials

What is it like to work at Fidelity Bank? Pretty amazing. But, don’t take our word for it. 


Fidelity Bank Employees



Kristen Geiger


"Fidelity Bank has provided me with comprehensive training and mentoring opportunities working alongside various supervisors. Each one was there to guide me every step of the way as I continue to grow my career. I couldn't ask for a more committed employer."
-Kristen Geiger
Universal Banker

Katrin Murphy


“As a personal banker I had the opportunity to build relationships with our customers while ensuring their financial needs were met. All of my experiences in that positon have continued to help me as I transitioned into my new role as a customer service manager. I like helping people and the career path I’ve taken at Fidelity affords me the chance to make people feel welcome and well taken care of.”

-Katrin Murphy
Customer Service Manager

Pam Helgason


“As a Fidelity Bank employee I have learned patience, customer service, empathy and compassion. Being there for our customers and co-workers -that is what Fidelity Bank is all about.”

-Pam Helgason

Retail Training Instructor

Sara Ledger

“I came to Fidelity having no prior banking experience.  I didn’t realize just how much bankers did or how many services a bank provides. The detailed retail training program for each position provided me a strong foundation and the mentor program that Fidelity facilitates helped me be more successful as I had the opportunity to learn from employees who have already seen success.”

-Sara Ledger

Customer Service Manager





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