Biller Direct FAQ

Biller Direct FAQ

Manage and pay your bills all in one place


You no longer have to visit multiple websites to pay your bills. With Biller Direct in online banking you can make payments from one central place. Biller Direct helps you link up to your accounts and set up payments to thousands of eligible billers including utility companies, cable providers and more. You can manage your payments and receive real-time updates so that you always know your balance, payment amounts and due dates.

Biller Direct FAQs

When Biller Direct recognizes that a card is close to expiring, you will be notified of the need to update your card details five days and one day before the card expires. If a payment fails to process because of an expired or deactivated card, you will be notified that the payment failed.

Bills typically sync within 24 hours.

You may request that a new biller be added to the system. When you search for a biller that is not currently supported, click 'Can't find it' to request the biller be added. That biller will be submitted for consideration.

No. Biller Direct is only used for paying merchants that support electronic payments of bills via their website.

If Biller Direct detects an existing recurring payment, you will be notified and no changes will be made to that recurring payment. Biller Direct will not cancel or add a second recurring payment.

You can edit the scheduled date for any non-recurring bill payment until the payment starts processing. Recurring payments are automatically set to pay on the day before the bill is due.

We will submit the payment one day before the due date.

Once the payment is marked as due on the biller website, it will be available to pay in Biller Direct.

That is dependent upon the individual merchant. Some merchants will process payments as a card-not-present point-of-sale transaction (think Amazon purchases), and their portal will update as soon as the transaction is submitted by the Biller Direct automation process. Other merchants process transactions after the end of the business day and typically post that to their portal the following day. Some merchants also batch process transactions during specified times during the week. These merchants will update that the bill has paid, but will not process the payment until their specified batch times.

This is dependent on the individual merchant. Merchants that process payments in near real-time using credit or debit cards will typically post those payments immediately and the funds will be withdrawn similar to a debit card point-of-sale transaction. Merchants that do not process payments in this way will typically see a one to three day time frame for funds being deducted from the your account.

Yes, a payment can be scheduled in advance up until the due date of the bill. After the due date has past, payments can only be made for the same day.

No. We do not currently support partial payments or payments exceeding the amount due.

You can cancel a payment up until the payment moves into a processing status on the payment date.


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