Holiday Shopping Safety Tips

Holiday Shopping safety tips


For many, the holidays are filled with family, friends and celebrations of the season. It also may mean that between shopping for gifts and dining out, your debit card will get more use than usual. Fidelity Bank provides multiple convenient ways to make your holiday spending more secure. 

Mobile Wallet

Fidelity Bank’s mobile wallet feature allows you to pay in-store, in-app and online at millions at merchants just by using your enabled smartphone. This handy feature provides a way to securely make purchases without having to dig through your belongings for your card - simply pay with your phone.

Learn more about this free feature so you can start shopping with ease and security. 

Card Controls

Gift shopping straining your budget? Fidelity Bank's Card Controls mobile banking feature allows you to set threshold amounts for card transactions as you see fit. You can also limit what types of merchants can run your debit card, including restaurants, department stores and gas stations. 

If a frenzied shopping day leads to you searching for your debit card, don’t panic: you can instantly disable your cards and re-enable them once found. 

Card Controls provide additional ways to secure your card and how it’s used, including location-based card controls and establishing transaction type controls. Access Card Controls through the “more” section of the latest version of the Fidelity Bank mobile bank app to start managing and securing your card. 

Learn more about all of Card Controls features. 

Mobile Deposit 

The holidays are a popular time to receive checks as gifts, but it can be a challenge making sure checks aren't misplaced in between celebrations and a trip to the bank. 

Rather than holding onto multiple checks until you're ready to visit the bank, deposit paper checks directly into your account using your phone’s camera and the Fidelity Bank mobile banking application. Fidelity Bank's Mobile Deposit feature allows you to just point, snap and deposit - whenever, where ever. 

Whether you're braving long lines or just picking up some extra wrapping paper, Fidelity Bank will be there to keep your account secure. And if you have that one person you can't find the right gift for, we've got you covered.