How to deposit your checks using mobile deposit

How to deposit your checks using mobile deposit


We like to offer you the convenience to bank the way you want to. That’s why you can use mobile deposit, a feature in Fidelity Bank’s mobile app, to bypass a trip to the bank.

Depositing your checks using mobile deposit is quick and easy. Within the mobile app, tap the plus sign at the bottom, then tap the deposit icon. From there, follow the instructions in the app, which includes direction on how to take a picture of your check and select the account in which to deposit the funds. A comprehensive step-by-step guide for mobile deposit can be found here.

In order to ensure your check is successfully deposited, it must be endorsed with “FOR MOBILE DEPOSIT AT FIDELITY BANK ONLY.” 

Once you have completed the mobile deposit process on your device, you will receive a confirmation notice in the app and through email that the upload was received. Your deposit will then undergo authorization before funds are deposited into your selected account. Once your deposit is approved, you will receive an email notification. Do not shred your check until you receive notice that your deposit was approved. Please note that there is an authorization process before the funds are available. Approved checks deposited before 8:00 p.m. will be available the next business day. 

Mobile deposit is not only easy but it’s also secure, using dual-band authentication to protect your information, in which you can choose to receive a text or call to the phone number on file to safeguard your information. Our mobile banking app also features TouchID and/or a passcode to further protect your financial information.

Alternatively, if your check still can’t be processed with mobile deposit, please visit one of our branches or Interactive Banking Machines to negotiate the check. There are limitations to the amount you can deposit using mobile deposit in a single calendar day or in a business week. For questions regarding limitations, visit a branch or contact our customer care team.

Mobile deposit is great for those who don't have a chance to visit a branch during regular banking hours, want to bypass a trip to the bank, avoid wait times or just want to deposit a check from the comfort of your home.