Location Controls

Location controls for your debit card


The Card Controls feature of the Fidelity Bank mobile app allows you to enable and disable the use of your debit card in a variety of ways, including by establishing geographic regions where your card can be used. When location controls are enabled, any card activity from outside of up to three established regions will be denied.

Here’s how to set up location controls:

    1. Access Card Controls through the “More” menu of the mobile app.
      Card Controls More Button
    2. Select the debit card you wish to control to view the details screen.
      Card Controls
    3. From the details screen, select Location Controls.
      Card Controls Details
    4. On Locations Controls screen, you have two options. My Regions allows you to view and modify the regions where your card can be used. Block International allows toggle on or off a blanket block on any international transactions, which will also disable any previously set region specific controls.
      Card Controls Location Controls
    5. Selecting My Regions takes you to a screen where you can view existing regions or select Add Region to create a new region.
      Card Controls My Regions ICT
    6. Selecting Add Region gives you the options to create a custom region based on country, state, city or zip code identifiers. Typing in your variables changes the onscreen map to display the selected information.
      Card Controls Region ICT
    7. Selecting Save in the upper right hand corner will store this region.
      Card Controls Region ICT Save
    8. Existing regions can be deleted by hitting the Delete Region button on the region’s details screen.
      Card Controls Region Delete ICT

Enabling Locations Controls is a great way to enjoy added security when traveling, as you can temporarily set geographic regions where your debit card can be used and then disable the regions when you leave.

If you have questions about this, or any other mobile banking feature, contact our customer care team at 1-800-658-1637.