Online banking FAQ

Online Banking FAQ


Q. What is Fidelity Bank Online?

A. Fidelity Bank Online lets you bank from home, the office or anywhere you have a personal computer and access to the Internet. It gives you the ability to check your deposits and personal loan account balances, view transactions that have posted to your accounts, and even transfer between accounts.

Q. Is Fidelity Bank Online private and secure?

A. Yes. Fidelity bank is dedicated to providing our customers with the most effective and up-to-date encryption technology to ensure the privacy of your personal information.

Q. Can I access Fidelity Bank Online through Internet Explorer or Firefox?

A. Fidelity Bank Online is compatible with both Internet Explorer and Firefox. We recommend that you use the latest version of the browser. 

Q. How long will Fidelity Bank Online store my transactions?

A. You will be able to view 3-6 months of transactions and 90 days of check images.

Q. Can I see all of my accounts through Fidelity Bank Online?

A. You can view your checking, savings, CD, IRA, and personal loan accounts through Fidelity Bank Online.

Q. Can I transfer money between accounts through Fidelity Bank Online?

A. Yes, you can transfer funds between your checking and savings accounts. You can also transfer funds to make a payment on your personal loan.

Q. Can I access my account information through Fidelity Bank Online at any time throughout the day?

A. Once you have signed up for Fidelity Bank Online, you can access account information any time, day or night, wherever you have a personal computer and access to the Internet.

Q. Can I pay my bills through Fidelity Bank Online?

A. You can pay bills through Fidelity Bank Online by using our Online Bill Payment product. See our Online Bill Payment FAQ for more details.