Debit Cards

Pay your way.

You have important things to do. Paying bills, making purchases or getting cash should not stand in your way. Enjoy the freedom of a VISA® debit card*. No more remembering to carry your checkbook or cash—your card is accepted everywhere VISA® is, in stores and online. Your debit card is a safe way to make purchases and access cash through ATMs and Interactive Banking Machines.  And, your card can be used to access mobile wallet contactless payment options including Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay.


Your Visa® debit card offers the convenience of contactless payments, giving you an easy and secure way to checkout anywhere you see the same contactless symbol that is printed on your card. Pay with confidence in three easy steps:

  1. LOOK
    Find the contactless symbol at the cashier terminal
  2. TAP
    Hold your Visa debit card flat and tap it against the symbol
  3. GO
    Your payment is processed!

We offer two convenient ways to request your card today:

  1. Visit any Fidelity Bank office and in minutes you’ll walk out with your instant-issue card.
    Find an office
  2. Request your card by mailing in a completed application. Upon approval, we will mail your card directly to you
    Download the application


Choose your VISA® debit card design.


At Fidelity Bank we are committed to helping you move confidently through your day, connected to your money, with a VISA® Debit Card. That’s one more way we stand ready to serve.

*Pending approval. Friends University logo and Freddy the Falcon imagery are property of Friends University and are used with their permission. Existing card holders requesting a new card may incur a replacement fee. Ask a banker for details. Apple and Apple Pay are trademarks of Apple Inc. Google and Google Pay are trademarks of Google Inc. Samsung and Samsung Pay are trademarks or registered trademarks of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.