Mission Vision Values



OUR mission

To serve our customers, families and friends.

To grow our business.

To not be predictable; to wade into opportunities and challenges – and build a culture of sales and service unsurpassed by any bank, anywhere, any size. 



OUR Vision

We believe a changing industry is to our advantage.

We believe in the promise of Bravely Onward – how we serve our customers, each other and our unrelenting pursuit to serve and sell better than any financial institution in the heartland. Regardless of their size. We believe we are special. Our family-owned history is a unique and invaluable part of our DNA – making investments in our communities beyond the balance sheet, and providing like-minded employees a home as much as a career.

We want a better future and we will stand together to build it. 



OUR Values

We believe in the golden rule.

The best leadership is leadership by example. Excellence is hard but always the goal. Our people are our future.