We believe we are special. We believe our culture is second to none. Not just because we have beautiful buildings or state-of-the-art technology, but because the people who work within those walls and utilize that technology in service of our customers and communities are second to none. Our success has always been about people, that’s why we call it the Fidelity family. Hear now from a few family members in their own words on what it means to work with purpose and passion every day.

Michael Anderson


In the construction industry, reputations are won and lost on the basis of integrity. Michael was interested in joining Fidelity after discovering the bank’s positive standing among the local business community. Ultimately, it was an interview with CEO Aaron Bastian that convinced him that the best place to begin the next phase of his career was within the Fidelity family.

“I had the opportunity to meet CEO Aaron Bastian during the interview process and was incredibly impressed with his knowledge of current market and industry trends, as well as his open-minded leadership style. In fact, I believe the bank’s outstanding reputation as a trustworthy, caring and stable company has much to do with being a family-owned business with multiple-generations of history that translates into a passionate workplace where people enjoy coming to work”

Gloria Johns


For Gloria, the family-style culture at Fidelity Bank won her over from the very first day. As a transplant from Los Angeles, she was used to the frenzied pace of a large wealth management corporation but found the warm and personable atmosphere at Fidelity to be a welcome change.

“During the interview process, I saw that the hiring manager was a kind, honest and genuine person and I knew that Fidelity Bank was the best place for me. Even now, when I mention where I work, I always receive the same positive response. The Fidelity brand is well-regarded in the industry and throughout our community, as is the Bastian family name. I enjoy working for a CEO who clearly makes decisions based on his personal convictions, and not purely for profit. ” 

Lucretia Smith


After spending over a decade in her previous job, Lucretia made the hard decision to trade her existing job security for the chance of growing her career with a new employer whose market growth and technological advances could catapult her career to new heights. She took a leap of faith and found exactly what she was looking for at Fidelity Bank.

“It was scary, leaving a job I had for 12 years but I did the research and learned how strong of a reputation Fidelity had in the banking industry and how they were expanding into other locations—I knew I was in good hands. My work with the Technology Innovation team allows me to play a role in the exciting evolution of the business of banking. I work with the best team, and for a company that is committed to helping our community.”