Fidelity Honored by FHLBank Topeka



Fidelity Bank, a member institution of Federal Home Loan Bank (FHLBank) Topeka since 1958, was selected as the 2022 Community Leader Award winner in recognition of their outstanding community leadership and strong financial performance.

“I want to congratulate Fidelity for receiving FHLBank Topeka’s 2022 Community Leader Award. We have been pleased to partner with them for more than 60 years to support their efforts in Wichita,” said FHLBank President and CEO Mark Yardley. “Fidelity Bank truly exemplifies what community banking is all about and how important community banks are to the communities they serve.”

The award was announced twice, first at a September 12 reception for stakeholders in Wichita and then at a statewide bankers’ conference sponsored by the FHLBank Topeka at Terradyne Country Club the next day.

The award also includes a video tribute to Fidelity Bank showcasing their commitment to their customers, businesses and nonprofit organizations in the community.


“We feel this need to be involved in helping make our communities better because, at our core that’s who we are, but it’s also the right thing to do,” said Aaron Bastian, Fidelity Bank president and CEO. “This award stands as a reminder of the good that comes from working hard and honoring our responsibility to the communities we serve."

The Community Leader Award includes a $5,000 donation to an organization of the recipient’s choosing. Fidelity Bank chose to split this award between Wichita Habitat for Humanity and Mennonite Housing, non-profits Fidelity partners with as part of FHLBank Topeka’s Affordable Housing Program.