Fidelity Bank has donated $40,000 to the Kansas African American Museum (TKAAM) to support the creation of an environmentally-secure vault designed to preserve sensitive artifacts and archives that detail the rich history and heritage of Kansas’ African American community.

“It is important that we preserve these precious artifacts that help illustrate an essential narrative of Kansas' history,” said Aaron Bastian, president and CEO of Fidelity Bank. “During a year that challenged people across the nation to truly hear the concerns of the Black community, it’s crucial that we support organizations like The Kansas African American Museum in their mission. Fidelity Bank is committed to celebrating the cultural diversity of the communities we serve in pursuit of the ideals of social justice and equality.”

Built in 1917, TKAAM’s building was originally the home of Calvary Baptist Church, a cornerstone of Wichita’s vibrant Black community and a refuge from racial segregation. After the church relocated in 1975, community leaders successfully fought to preserve the site, resulting in the building being added to the National Register of Historic Places. In 1998, the building became the official home of the Kansas African American Museum. Today, the facility hosts field trips and tour groups, providing a range of educational opportunities and resources in pursuit of its mission to make the Kansas African American experience resonant with EVERY Kansan. To learn more about the museum, visit

“It is the vision of the Kansas African American Museum to be the premier place where our community can learn about the Kansas African American story. It is of critical importance to preserve historical documents, artifacts, art and photos in order to explore, reflect and engage in the richness of the African American experience,” said Denise Sherman, TKAAM executive director. “We are delighted that Fidelity Bank shares in TKAAM’s mission as a cultural hub for our community.”