Fidelity Bank Keeper on Parade



When it comes to the iconography of Wichita, no one has made a more meaningful contribution than Blackbear Bosin, the Comanche-Kiowa sculptor and painter who created the Keeper of the Plains. Marking sacred ground at the confluence of the Arkansas and Little Arkansas Rivers, this masterwork speaks to the deep connection that Wichitans have to their city.



Paying tribute to Blackbear for inspiring us to raise our eyes to the sky and hold our hometown up as a special place to live, work and play, Fidelity Bank pledged to support the Keeper on Parade public art project and commissioned a stylized replica, emblazoned with imagery from Blackbear's artwork. 



Entitled "A Tribute to Blackbear," Fidelity Bank's Keeper of the Plains replica statue was designed by Anthony J. McSwain and painted by Meredith Radke-Gannon. It was dedicated by Clark Bastian, Fidelity Bank's CEO and chairman of the board, on Friday, November 15, 2019. The Fidelity Bank Keeper on Parade statue is now on display at the west end of the headquarters building in downtown Wichita, Kansas.