Fixed-rate home mortgage

How to get a fixed-rate mortgage with no down payment


Down payments can be a barrier to homeownership for some people. That doesn’t have to be the case. There are mortgage programs that can help people finance their home without a burdensome down payment, such as Fidelity’s Equity Builder Home Loan. 

Here are the details: 
Maximum Loan Amount $726,200
Amortization Terms 20 and 15 years
Minimum FICO score requirement

20-year term: 720

15-year term: 700
Minimum contribution of borrower’s funds The greater of 1% of the purchase price or $1,000
Reserve requirement 2 months of principle, interest, taxes and insurance.
Maximum seller contribution 3% of the purchase price
Maximum debt-to-income ratio 41%


The Equity Builder Home Loan is only available for purchases of single family dwellings and the home must be owner-occupied. Co-signers and non-owner-occupying co-borrowers are prohibited. Gift funds are acceptable with standard documentation and can be utilized to meet the reserve requirement.

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