Private banking for medical professionals

Private Banking for Medical Professionals


It’ s no secret that doctors are busy people—long hours and complex issues are the norm. They work hard to improve the lives of their patients and create positive, life-changing outcomes. Such intense demands may leave little time for other everyday tasks, such as banking. This is precisely why many medical professionals seek out the help of private bankers.

Our private banking team has worked one-on-one with medical professionals and understands that a good banking relationship for them includes:

  • Tailored mortgage options. Doctors often qualify for home loans with flexible terms, special rates and low down payments.
  • Preferred checking, savings and credit services. When structured properly, these different services can make managing day-to-day finances and making major purchases less of a hassle.
  • Technology that keeps you connected to your money. If you’re on-call, you need to be able to access your accounts from anywhere, at any time. Our mobile and online banking platforms offer a robust digital banking experience that includes streamlined online account openings, mobile deposit, easy access to your Fidelity Bank deposit and loan accounts, and intuitive tools to shape your financial life. Beyond that, you’ll the enjoy security and convenience of paying in-store and online with mobile wallet.

These are just a few of the factors that make private banking a valuable service for medical professionals. Finding the right banking partner can be a real life saver.