Where we stand.

Where we stand.


As the leader of a fourth generation, family-owned business here in Wichita, I believe it is important that the community we serve knows where we stand. We have found success in our home town, and that success comes with a responsibility to play a meaningful role in our shared progress. Sometimes that is speaking to Wichita’s great potential and celebrating triumphs. In more difficult times, it is resolving to not remain silent as hatred and violence threaten to irreparably divide us.

Fidelity Bank stands with all victims of systemic racism and discrimination. Their lives most certainly matter, and they deserve to have the opportunities and privileges afforded all Americans. Clearly our society falls short of this ideal. The murder of George Floyd is the latest in a long list of lives tragically cut short by brutality in our country. These losses must result in change, and the change we seek has to start here with each of us.

Fidelity Bank stands with people who find the courage to exercise free speech through peaceful protest. Their voices are important. This unrest is not just something we need to get past or simply put behind us. We need to listen in order to understand what brought us to another moment of violence, hurt and division and make the necessary changes in our policies and our hearts to prevent it from happening in the future.

Fidelity Bank stands against racism and discrimination wherever it exists. We want to do our part to help our neighbors overcome and thrive. That’s why we partner with programs that support minority business owners, why we invest in quality of life initiatives and why we celebrate diversity. Still, we must do more. And we will.

We challenge leaders from all areas to join us, show us the way, and empower our unity. Then, we may all truly move


President and CEO
Fidelity Bank