Customize your cash withdrawals

Customize your cash withdrawals


The Customize Cash feature on Fidelity Bank Interactive Banking Machines allows you to choose the bill types and quantities you want to withdraw. When you customize your cash withdrawal, you can eliminate the hassle of breaking larger bills or needing to get change. Now you can get exactly what you need, when you need it. This convenient feature is accessible 24 hours a day on all Fidelity Bank Interactive Banking Machines when used as an ATM. View our list of locations to find one near you.

Getting the exact mix of bills you need is a snap:

  1. Insert your debit card to use the Interactive Banking Machine as an ATM.
  2. When prompted, select “Withdrawal” and enter your desired withdrawal amount.*
  3. Touch the “Customize Cash” button on the screen.
  4. Follow the on-screen prompts to select the number of $50, $20, $5 and $1 bills you would like.
  5. Once your selected bills equal the full withdrawal amount, touch the “Confirm” button on the screen. The machine will dispense your cash in the denominations you selected. 

Now you can not only customize your cash withdrawals in the branch but also from the comfort of your car. Have questions about customized cash withdrawals? Visit any office or call our customer care team at 1.800.658.1637.

*Debit card withdrawal limits still apply to consumer debit/ATM cards.